New wheels!

After two years of faithful service we have upgraded from our Subaru Sambar to an all singing, all dancing Volkswagen Transporter T4!

We’ll miss our little Sambar as she was a great little van & was a real head turner, even if we did sometimes look like we were part of a carnival parade in her 🙂 minus one or two minor hiccups (blowing up on the motorway & taking 4 months to repair) she always behaved & put up with us filling her to the brim with all our finds, she’s gone to a new happy home where her workload should be a bit more relaxing!

Our new van is a different beast entirely, with a huge 2.4 litre diesel engine, and a massive loading area it’s like upgrading from a Shetland Pony to a Shire horse! Also it has had a few sporty & funky additions to give it a bit of charm, so that’s always fun too.

Keep your eyes peeled for us on the road & give a wave or a toot!

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